Need for Basic Medical Equipment in Ambulance

There is always a need for Medical Equipment in Ambulances to make sure that all the patients receive immediate and proper medical care during transportation to the way to hospital. Ambulances are always considered as the first aid for people to get in emergencies. At the time of emergency, the most important is to stabilize patients and provide life-saving interventions before reaching the hospital. 

 Primary Medical Equipment in Ambulance by Al Adil Autos

 Al Adil Autos understands that in an ambulance the medical equipment is essential. We have certain basic Medical Equipment in the Ambulance that is a must. Besides, we do have all the advanced medical facilities in our ambulances. 

 Ambulance Lights

The lights which are present in an ambulance are for visibility and they indicate that the ambulance is busy for some emergency. 

 Airway and Ventilation Equipment

In our Ambulances there is the tracheal incubation equipment. Incubation uses a wide range of devices to insert a tube into the airway to the throat. 

 Vascular Access

Vascular access is where the dialysis machine is going to connect to your bloodstream. During the treatment of dialysis, the machine is used to clean the blood and then move it back into your body. 


Cardiac treatment in ambulances usually includes an ECG machine, defibrillator, oxygen tank and medication for treating cardiac emergencies. 

 Monitoring and Defibrillation

Monitoring equipment in our ambulances is used to monitor patient’s condition, vital signs and heart pulse rate. Administering electric shocks also helps out in the situation of cardiac arrest. 

 Immobilization Devices

After a patient is taken to a safe condition, patients are placed on some kind of spinal immobilization device that helps in acting like a full-body splint. 

 Communication Devices 

We have placed communication devices in the ambulance which are located to facilitate effective communication between the ambulance crew, the emergency services centr and the other healthcare professionals. 


Our main motive is to give immediate first aid to injured patients. Bandages are used to control bleeding and to save wounds from infection. It provides support to injured limbs. 

Al Adil Autos is providing all the essential medical equipment in the ambulances and is ready to reach at the required place in no time. We keep our machines up to date to avoid any lateness. We have all the basic and advanced Medical Equipment in Ambulance present beforehand for the easiness of patients.