What are Special Vehicles?

Special Vehicles are those whose dimensions, weight and design are special and their main purpose is not to carry people only. In addition, they are designed to work simultaneously for towing, cleaning, lifting, loading, unloading and much more. Rescue vehicles like fire trucks, death body vehicles like Chiller Pickup or vehicles used in emergencies do play significant roles in human lives.

Kinds of Special Vehicles


Oil tanker, Gas tanker, liquid tanker and refrigerated truck

Cranes :

Vehicles used for towing, clearing, cleaning, cleaning, raising, loading and unloading, lifting, mixing, digging, levelling, etc.

Professional Vehicles: 

Professional vehicles equipped with set particular instruments and equipment for occupational work in monitoring, fire security, medical assistance like Toyota and Cruiser Refrigerator, TV broadcasting like Mobile Command Van and Toyota LC79 Mobie workshop, which is mainly used in repairing the vehicles etc.;

Outclass Designing of Special Vehicles by Al Adil Autos

With more than 200 million electric miles, Al Adil Autos has proven its pace in the automobile market. We have appropriate knowledge and experience and our professionals continue to do handwork. We are busy continuously striving to implement improvements. Al Adil Autos uses good materials that are constructed by companies which can deliver high-quality products. 

Every part of the vehicle has been tested and assembled by us. We are a professional entity that is based on principles i.e.: stream-driven and high-end quality work. This makes us able to reduce costs and optimize quality. 

Dead Body Vehicles by Al Adil Autos

In our vast range of special vehicles, we have death body vehicles that are specially designed for lifting dead bodies and transferring them to cold storage. Such vehicles are very moderate and have supreme standards. Their international quality standards convince the clients to hire this service. Moreover, we deliver the dead bodies within the time range. 

Dead Body Vehicle-- GMC Savana

We are one of the major body lifting service providers of dead vehicles. Such vehicle bodies are designed by using grade factor inputs and modish machines. Our skilled professionals use high-quality materials from certified vendors. Our offered range of these services is appreciated among the clients. We deliver our deliveries within the time frame and these are also cost-effective.

In short, Al Adil Autos is one of the leading and reputable companies that provide healthcare and other services through Special Vehicles. Our experts try their best to create every type of conversion in vehicles for the easiness of our valuable clients.